This website tries to offer you a complete overview of Southeast Asia's diverse plant life. So far more than a 1000 species have been included which still is only a fraction of the total number of plants out there. However, the site will be updated with new species regularly so that slowly but surely we will cover more and more of Southeast Asia's plants.

A useful function of this website is that it includes a lookup tool for synonym plant names, i.e. you can check whether a species name is currently still recognized or has been changed to a new name. Also, I tried to include as many field pictures as possible. Where no pictures were available I have included pictures of dried plants from herbaria.

This website is made possible thanks to the help of many people which I would like to thank sincerely. Arbainsyah, Caroline Bernard, Floris Breman, Marloes van Beek, Brigitte Fiala, Gabriella Frederickson, Kimabajo (Graham Usher), Arjan Stroo, Peter Hovenkamp, Theo Lasut and Niels Raes provided me with very good field photographs for many plants. Johan Mols and Luc Willemse provided me with Asian collection data from the NHN-L collection database (made possible thanks to an important grant provided by the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO-Groot) to digitize herbarium collections). Most importantly I thank Apple Zhang for helping me setting up this website and saving me months of work.

Refer to this website as: Slik JWF (2009 onwards) Plants of Southeast Asia. url.