Pterisanthes cissioides Blume, Bijdr. Fl. Ned. Ind. 193 193 (1825)

Species name meaning 'similar to the genus Cissus another genus in the Vitaceae.

Vitis cissioides (Blume) Backer

Liana with tendrils. Leaves alternate, compound with three leaflets, the wto side leaflets with asymmetric base. The plant has a very strange leaflike inflorescence wich hangs down from a long stalk. Small sessile white flowers are placed on the leaf-like surface and eventually develop into green berries placed on the bright red surface of the leaf-like structure. Along the edge of the leaf-like structure male flowers are placed on long stalks.

Swampy areas and alluvial sites in forests.

Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo.


Local names