Symplocos crassipes C.B.Clarke, Fl. Brit. India 3: 580 (1882)

Latin for 'thick stalk'.

Symplocos brandiana King & Gamble
Symplocos curtisii Oliv. In Hook.f.
Symplocos ernae (Brand) Noot.
Symplocos monticola King & Gamble
Symplocos penangiana King & Gamble

Shrub or small tree to 18 m. Twigs glabrous, or(obliquely) pubescent to appressedly or spreadingly long-hairy, sometimes with a double indument of a short tomentum and long spreading hairs. Leaves (narrowly) elliptic to ovate, beneath sparsely appressedly pilose, nearly glabrous, to densely appressedly to spreadingly long-hairy, rarely also hairy above, with cordate to cuneate base, recurved, entire to glandular denticulate margin and acuminate apex, 6-27 by 1.3-8.5 cm; nerves 3-11 pairs; petiole 1-10 mm. Spike short, often clustered, to l(-2)cm, from the axils of the upper leaves, rarely flowers solitary, axis subglabrous to appressedly pubescent, or with long, spreading to appressed, stiff, brown to rusty hairs 1-4 mm long. Bracts and bracteoles persistent, (broadly) ovate, triangular or semi-elliptic, rarely acuminate, hairy. Calyx hairy or glabrous, whether or not entirely divided into the lobes. Corolla 2.5-6 mm. Stamens c. 30 to c. 100. Disk glabrous. Ovary hairy, 1-2 mm high; style glabrous, but often with conical, hairy base. Fruits mostly 1-2 from each inflorescence, glabrous or sparsely long-hairy, bright blue in vivo, cylindrical, narrowed towards the apex, 13-18 by 3-5 mm; stone with c. 12 lengthwise grooves; cells 1-3. Seed usually 1, straight with straight embryo. [From Flora Malesiana]

Mixed forests, dipterocarp forests, swamp forests, montane forests up to 1500 m elevation. On sandy clay.

Peninsular Thailand and Malaysia into Borneo.

Local names
Malaysia: Kayu jenerku.