Allophylus cobbe (L.) Raeuschel, Nomencl. ed. 3 (1779)

Latin for the local Sri Lankan name 'kobbae'.

Allophylus amboinensis Blume
Allophylus apiocarpus Radlk.
Allophylus bartlettii Merr.
Allophylus betongensis Craib
Allophylus blancoi Blume
Allophylus brevipetiolatus Rradlk.
Allophylus cambessedei Blume
Allophylus celebicus Blume
Allophylus chlorocarpus Radlk.
Allophylus cobbe (L.) Raeuschel
Allophylus cobbe for blancoi Fern.-Vill
Allophylus cobbe for fulvinervis (Blume) Backer
Allophylus cobbe for littoralis (Blume) Backer
Allophylus cobbe for villosus (Roxb.) Hiern in Hook. For
Allophylus cobbe var bantamensis (Blume) Backer
Allophylus cobbe var blancoi (Fern.-Vill.) Vidal
Allophylus cobbe var fulvinervis (Blume) Backer
Allophylus cobbe var glaber Corner
Allophylus cobbe var glabra (Roxb.) Prain
Allophylus cobbe var grossedentata (Turcz.) Vidal
Allophylus cobbe var limosus Corner
Allophylus cobbe var marinus Corner
Allophylus cobbe var racemosus (L.) Ridley
Allophylus cobbe var velutinus Corner
Allophylus cobbe var villosus Corner
Allophylus dasythyrsus Radlk.
Allophylus dimorphus Radlk.
Allophylus eustachys Radlk.
Allophylus filiger Radlk
Allophylus fulvinervis (Blume) Blume
Allophylus fulvinervis var bantamensis (Blume) Blume
Allophylus fulvinervis var bullatus Blume
Allophylus fulvinervis var burmannianus Blume
Allophylus fulvinervis var fuscus Blume
Allophylus fulvinervis var hircinus Blume
Allophylus fulvinervis var montanus Blume
Allophylus fulvinervis var reclinatus Blume
Allophylus fulvinervis var rufescens (Blume) Miq.
Allophylus fulvinervis var sericeus Blume
Allophylus fulvinervis var velutinus Blume
Allophylus glaber Boerl.
Allophylus granulatus Radlk.
Allophylus grossedentatus (Turcz.) Fern.-Vill.
Allophylus hymenocalyx Radlk.
Allophylus insignis Radlk.
Allophylus integifolius Blume
Allophylus integrifolius Blume
Allophylus javensis (Blume) Blume
Allophylus javensis var cuspidata Blume
Allophylus javensis var genuinus Radlk.
Allophylus javensis var racemosa Blume
Allophylus javensis var rigida Blume
Allophylus javensis var robusta Blume
Allophylus javensis var striata Blume
Allophylus laetevirens Ridley
Allophylus largifolius Radlk.
Allophylus leptocladus Radlk.
Allophylus leptococcus Radlk.
Allophylus leptostachus (Blume) Boerl.
Allophylus leptostachyus (Blume) Boerl.
Allophylus leucochrous Radlk.
Allophylus leucocladus Radlk.
Allophylus ligustrinus Blume
Allophylus littoralis (Blume) Blume
Allophylus littoralis var repanda Blume
Allophylus littoralis var serrulata Blume
Allophylus lopezii Merr.
Allophylus macrostachys Radlk. in Perkins
Allophylus malvaceus Radlk.
Allophylus micrococcus Radlk. in K. Schum. & Laut.
Allophylus montanus F.N.Williams
Allophylus mutabilis (Blume) Boerl.
Allophylus obliquus Radlk. in Merr.
Allophylus pallidus Radlk.
Allophylus peduncularis Radlk.
Allophylus quinatus Radlk. in Perkins
Allophylus racemosus (L.) Boerl.
Allophylus repandodentatus Radlk.
Allophylus rufescens Blume
Allophylus rufescens var cuspidatus Blume
Allophylus rufescens var heterodon Blume
Allophylus rugosus Blume
Allophylus samarensis Merr.
Allophylus scandens Ridley
Allophylus sessilis Blume
Allophylus setulosus Radlk. in Perkins
Allophylus simplex Quis.
Allophylus simplicifolius Radlk. in Elmer
Allophylus sootepensis Craib
Allophylus stenophyllus Merr.
Allophylus subincisodentatus Radlk. in Elmer
Allophylus sumatranus Blume
Allophylus sumatranus var crenulatus Blume
Allophylus sumatranus var elongatus Blume
Allophylus sumatranus var glabriusculus Blume
Allophylus sumatranus var politus Blume
Allophylus sundanus Miq.
Allophylus ternatus (Forst. & Forst.) Radlk. In Engl. & Prantl
Allophylus ternatus Lour.
Allophylus timoriensis (DC.) Blume
Allophylus tomentosa Hook. for
Allophylus tomentosus Boerl.
Allophylus triphylla (Burm.) Merr.
Allophylus triphyllus (Burn.) Merr.
Allophylus unifoliolatus Radlk. in Elmer
Allophylus villosus (Roxb.) Blume
Allophylus zeylanicus L.
Ampacus litorea (angustifolia) minor Rumph.
Ampacus litorea minor Rumph.
Ampacus litorea prima Rumph.
Aporetica gemella DC.
Aporetica penicellata Blanco
Aporetica ternata Forst. & Forst.
Gemella trifolia Lour.
Ornitrophe glabra Roxb.
Ornitrophe integrifolia Willd.
Ornitrophe repanda Roxb.
Ornitrophe schmiedelia Pers.
Ornitrophe villosa Roxb.
Rhus cobbe L.
Schmidelia bantamensis Blume
Schmidelia cobbe (L.) DC.
Schmidelia fulvinervis Blume
Schmidelia fulvinervis var macrophylla Teijsm. & Binn.
Schmidelia glabra (Roxb.) Steud.
Schmidelia grossedentata Turcz.
Schmidelia javensis Blume
Schmidelia leptostachya Blume
Schmidelia ligustrina Blume ex Teijsm. & Binn
Schmidelia ligustrinus Blume ex Teijsm. & Binn.
Schmidelia littoralis Blume
Schmidelia macrophylla Zipp. ex Span.
Schmidelia mutabilis Blume
Schmidelia mutabilis var subglabra Miq.
Schmidelia obovata A. Gray
Schmidelia parviflora Zipp. ex Span.
Schmidelia racemosa L.
Schmidelia racemosus (L.) Boerl.
Schmidelia ternata (Forst. & Forst.) Cambess.
Schmidelia timoriensis DC.
Schmidelia tomentosa Hook.f.
Usubis triphylla Burn.f.

Shrub up to 10 m tall and 13 cm dbh. Stipules absent. Leaves alternate, tri-foliolate compound, leaflets penni-veined, glabrous to densely hairy, margin entire to toothed. Flowers ca. 3 mm diameter, white-yellowish, placed in long racemes. Fruits ca. 8 mm diameter, red, drupes.

In undisturbed to slightly disturbed (open sites) mixed dipterocarp, sub-montane and coastal forests up to 1700 m altitude. Often along rivers and streams (including tidal ones) and forest edges, also on hillsides. On sandy to clay soils, but also on limestone and ultrabasic. In secondary forests usually present as a pre-disturbance remnant.

The wood is reported to be hard but not very durable: it is mainly used as a timber for temporary structures and indoors, e.g. for rafters. Canes and hilts are made from the wood, as well as beaters for the cotton fruits (Mindoro). In the Bismarck Archipelago, poles and branches are used for floats of outrigger canoes and for marking the location of fish traps. Also used as firewood. The pulped leaves, or an extraction or decoction of them, as well as a decoction of the roots and the bark, are used in native medicine against stomach-ache and fever. In Perak. a disease inside the mouth of children is cured with it. In Mindanao, the scraped bark is applied to rigid abdomen, the bark to burns. The berries, though and a bit sour are eaten. In New Guinea fruits are used as a fish poison.

Pantropical, but originally from Asia. In Borneo collected throughout the island.

Local names
Borneo: Pamaman.
Philippines: bignai-baker (Ilokano), barotangol (Negrito), lingo-lingo (Pangasinan).