Scyphostegia borneensis Stapf, Trans. Linn. Soc. London, Bot. 4(2): 218 218 (1894)

Species name meaning 'from Borneo', where the species is found.


Shrubs or small trees. Leaves simple, alternate, toothed, stipulate. Dioecious. Inflorescences terminal, consisting of racemosely-arranged spikes or racemes, each spike or raceme a series of flowers within telescoped tubular bracts, the lower bracts subtending a single flower, the terminal bract subtending two. Perianth connate, tubular, with 6 lobes, 3 in an outer whorl (calyx) and 3 in an inner whorl (corolla), the whorls more or less equal in female flowers but the inner whorl conspicuously shorter in male flowers. Male flowers with 3 extrastaminal disk glands and with 3 connate stamens, opposite the petals, anther dehiscence longitudinal and extrorse. Female flowers lacking disk glands, with a gynoecium consisting of a superior, unilocular, urceolate ovary (appearing somewhat fig-like) with basal placentation and numerous erect, anatropous ovules; style and stigma not evident, perhaps depressed into the center. Fruits fleshy capsules deshicent from the apex, reminiscent of Monimiaceae. Seeds numerous, arillate; embryos straight, cotyledons foliaceous. [from Tree of Life Web Project]