Uncaria nervosa Elmer, Leafl. Philipp. Bot. 3: 985 (1911)

Species name meaning 'conspicuously veined', referring to the leaves.

Uncaria inermis Valeton [Illegitimate]
Uncaria sclerophylloides Valeton
Uncaria valetoniana Merr. & L.M.Perry

Scrambler to vine, climbing with hooks from the axils of opposite leaf pairs. Whole plant covered by brownish-red dense hairs. Leaves opposite, densely veined with veins very conspecicous on upper- and lower-leaf surface. Stipules present between each pair of leaves. Infloresences forming flower heads on short hooked stalks which later form the climbing hooks. The infloresecnces are placed in the leaf axils. Flowers forming long tubes with short lobes. Fruits dry capsules that, when dry split open and expose many small seeds that are probably wind dispersed.

Secondary forest or open sites in undisturbed forest, such as gaps and forest edges.


Indonesia, New Guinea and western Pacific.

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