Tarenna cumingiana (Vidal) Elmer, Leafl. Philipp. Bot. 5 (1913)

Named after H. Cuming [1791-1865], a British plant and animal collector.

Webera cumingiana S.Vidal

Sub-canopy tree up to 23 m tall and 28 cm dbh. Stipules ca. 20 mm long, triangular. Leaves opposite, simple, penni-veined, densely hairy. Flowers ca. 15 mm diameter, white-yellow, with corolla tube, flowers in panicles. Fruits ca. 7 mm diameter, green-purple-black, berries.

In undisturbed to slightly disturbed (open sites) mixed dipterocarp, swamp and sub-montane forests up to 1700 m altitude. Mostly on hillsides and ridges, but also common on alluvial sites and along rivers and streams. On sandy to clay soils. In secondary forests usually present as a pre-disturbance remnant.

Borneo (Sarawak, Brunei, Sabah, East-Kalimantan), Philippines.

Local names
Borneo: Lalanggon.