Rhizophora apiculata Blume, En. Pl. Jav. 1 (1827)

Latin for 'pointed'.

Mangium candelarium Rumph.
Pee-Kandel Rheede
Rhizophora candelaria DC

Shrub to large tree up to 25 m tall and 48 cm dbh. With stilt roots. Stipules ca. 60 mm long, dropped early. Leaves crowded at twig tips, opposite, simple, penni-veined but venation barely visible, glabrous. Flowers ca. 22 mm diameter, yellow-red, placed in axillary bundles. Fruits up to 350 mm long, green, berry with root of seedling developing on the mother tree.

In mangroves, coastal swamps and along tidal riversides up to 20 m altitude.

The roots are sometimes used as anchors. The wood is used as fire-wood, for construction and for making charcoal.

From Sri Lanka to the western Pacific. In Borneo found in coastal regions throughout the island.

Local names
Borneo: Bakau, Bakau minyak, Bangkita, Bangkita baruang.