Bruguiera sexangula (Lour.) Poir., in Lamk, Encycl. Suppl. 4 (1816)

Latin for 'six-angular'.

Bruguiera australis A.Cunn. ex Arn.
Bruguiera eriopetala W. & A. ex Arn.
Bruguiera oxyphylla Miq.
Bruguiera parietosa Griff.
Bruguiera sexangula var. rhynchopetala W.C.Ko
Bruguiera sexangularis Spreng.
Brugiera 10-angulata Griff.
Mangium digitatum Rumph.
Rhizophora australis (A.Cunn. ex Arn.) Steud.
Rhizophora eriopetala (W. & A. ex Arn.) Steud.
Rhizophora plicata Blanco
Rhizophora polyandra Blanco
Rhizophora sexangula Lour.

Shrub to tree up to 26 m tall and 42 cm dbh. With knee-roots. Stipules ca. 38 mm long, dropped early. Leaves crowded at twig tipes, opposite, simple, penni-veined, glabrous. Flowers ca. 36 mm diameter, yellow-reddish-brown, placed solitary in leaf axils. Fruits ca. 75 mm long, green, berries.

In coastal mangrove, inland swamps and along river margins with tidal influence up to 50 m altitude. Usually on sandy soils, but also on clay.

Roots and leaves are used to treat burns. The wood is used as fire wood and to make charcoal. The fruit is used against shingles.

From Sri Lanka to New Guinea. Introduced in Hawaii. In Borneo found in coastal regions throughout the island.

Local names
Borneo: Bangkita, Bues.