Xanthophyllum adenotus Miq., Fl. Ned. Ind., Eerste Bijv. 393 (1861)

Name meaning 'with glandular ears'.

Xanthophyllum arsatii E.C.Fischer
Xanthophyllum cordalum Korth. ex Mig.

Shrub or small tree, up to 10 m, 25 cm dbh. Twigs glabrous or rarely minutely hairy. Axillary buds oblong or sometimes ovate-lanceolate, Petiole (8-)15-18(-23) mm, glabrous to rather densely minutely hairy, usually with 2 small, prominent glands. Leaf-blade (linear-)lanceolate, (9-)22-47 by (1.3-)5-10(-20) cm; base usually cordate with the margins curved upwards and connate above the apex of the petiole, or flat and rounded to broadly cuneate, apex acutish; above usually slightly bullate between secondary nerves and intramarginal nerve, greyish green to brown; beneath usually brownish, glabrous to minutely patently hairy all over, secondary nerves (9-)13-20 pairs, mostly forming a distinct, nearly complete intramarginal nerve; glands 2-6(-20), usually near the midrib (if few, only present in basal part), 0.3-0.4 mm diam. Inflorescences sometimes also axillary on the older nodes; axes slightly angular, slightly grooved, main axis basally usually sparsely minutely appressedly hairy, side axes and main axis in upper part more densely hairy; flowers solitary or very rarely with 2 together; lower bracts opposite. Pedicel (l-)1.5-2(-3.5) mm, more or less distinctly grooved, densely minutely appressedly to patently hairy. Sepals often with minute, rather distinct glands; outer sepals (2.1-)2.8-3.8(-4.1) by (2.4-)3-4.9 mm; inner sepals 3-5.5 by (2.8-)3.4-4.6 mm. Petals pinkish to pale violet, the upper petals with a yellow spot, when dry dark red, the longest one (8.5-)9.5-12.5(-14.5) mm; carina rather densely appressedly hairy outside, inside sparsely minutely hairy in apical part only, further glabrous; other petals very sparsely minutely hairy above base outside, sparsely patently hairy outside near apex, inside glabrous to hairy up to halfway. Stamens: filaments free or connate over l(-2) mm, widened above base and especially those of abaxial stamens with a more or less distinct (half-)patently hairy knob-like thickening at inner side, further glabrous; anthers (0.6-)0.7-0.9(-l) mm long, ciliate along slits. Ovary (half-)patently hairy; style (rather) sparsely half-patently hairy in basal half, very sparsely hairy in apical half, glabrous near apex; ovules 4. Fruit globular, 1.5-1.8 cm diam., rather dull, light to reddish brown, distinctly hairy; pericarp thin, brittle. [Flora Malesiana]

Forest understoreys.


Sumatra and Borneo.

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