Piper aduncum L., Sp. Pl. 1 (1753)

Latin for 'curved or hooked', referring to the inflorescence.

Artanthe adunca (L.) Miq.
Artanthe adunca forma angustifolia Miq.
Artanthe cearensis Miq.
Artanthe celtidifolia (Kunth) Miq.
Artanthe elongata (Vahl) Miq.
Artanthe elongata forma brasiliensis Miq.
Artanthe elongata forma glabrior Miq.
Artanthe galeottii Miq.
Artanthe galleoti Miq.
Artanthe granulosa Miq.
Artanthe velloziana Miq.
Lepianthes granulatum Raf.
Piper aduncifolium Trel.
Piper aduncum var. laevifolium C.DC.
Piper anguillaespicum Trel.
Piper angustifolium Ruiz & Pav. [Illegitimate]
Piper cardenasii Trel.
Piper celtidifolium Kunth
Piper cuatrecasasii Trel.
Piper cumbricola Trel.
Piper cumbricola var. montevagum Trel.
Piper disparispicum Trel.
Piper elongatifolium Trel.
Piper elongatum Vahl
Piper elongatum var. elongatum Vahl
Piper elongatum var. laevifolium (C.DC.) Trel.
Piper elongatum var. pampayacusum Trel.
Piper fatoanum C.DC.
Piper flavescens (C.DC.) Trel.
Piper guanaianum C. DC.
Piper hebecarpum C.DC.
Piper herzogii C. DC.
Piper illudens Trel.
Piper intersitum Trel.
Piper intersitum var. porcecitense Trel.
Piper kuntzei C. DC.
Piper lineatum var. hirtipetiolatum Trel.
Piper martinicense C.DC.
Piper martinicense var. genuinum Stehle
Piper martinicense var. montis-pilati C.DC.
Piper multinervium M.Martens & Galeotti
Piper multinervium var. amplum Trel.
Piper multinervium var. flavicans Trel.
Piper multinervium var. hirsuticaule Trel.
Piper multinervium var. kantelolense Trel.
Piper multinervium var. paralense Trel.
Piper multinervium var. peracutum Trel.
Piper multinervium var. productipes Trel.
Piper multinervium var. protractifolium Trel.
Piper multinervium var. puberulipedunculum Trel.
Piper multinervium var. pubescenticaule Trel.
Piper multinervium var. skutchii Trel.
Piper multinervium var. telanum Trel.
Piper nonconformans Trel.
Piper oblanceolatum. var. fragilicaule Trel.
Piper pseudovelutinum var. flavescens C.DC.
Piper purpurascens D. Dietr.
Piper reciprocum Trel.
Piper stehleorum Trel.
Piper stevensonii Trel. & Standl.
Piper submolle Trel.
Piper subrectinerve C.DC.
Steffensia adunca (L.) Kunth
Steffensia angustifolia Kunth
Steffensia celtidifolia (Kunth) Kunth
Steffensia elongata (Vahl) Kunth

Shrub up to 6 m tall and 7 cm dbh. Stipules ca. 23 mm long, leaving circular scar around the twigs. Leaves alternate, simple, penni-veined, hairy, leaf base asymmetrical. Flowers ca. 1 mm diameter, green-yellowish, placed in catkin like, elongate inflorescences. Fruits ca. 1 mm diameter, yellow-blackish, drupes.

Originally from the Neotropics, but escaped in Borneo. Usually in severely disturbed habitats and along roads.

Wood can be used for basic construction, fuel, stakes and fences. Has ornamental value and the fruit is used to season food. Essential oils from this species have antibacterial properties and may also be used as an insecticide and a molluscicide. Tea made from the leaves and roots is used to treat diarrhea, dysentery, vomiting, ulcers, and can also be used for the control of bleeding

Originally Neotropical, but currently also in tropical Asia due to its invasive capacity.

Local names in Borneo
Akar gelan, Kayu sirih.