Eurya nitida Korth., in Temminck, Verh. Nat. Gesch. Bot. 3 (1840)

Latin for 'shiny'.

Eurya hasseltii Blume
Eurya japonica var. aurescens Rehder & E.H. Wilson
Eurya japonica var. nitida (Korth.) Dyer
Eurya japonica subsp. nitida (Korth.) T.Yamaz.
Eurya japonica subsp. palauensis (Hosok.) T.Yamaz.
Eurya japonica var. palauensis (Hosok.) T.Yamaz.
Eurya japonica var. siamensis Craib
Eurya myrtifolia Blume
Eurya nanjenshanensis (C.F.Hsieh, L.K.Ling & Sheng Z.Yang) Sheng Z.Yang & S.Y.Lu
Eurya nitida var. nanjenshanensis C.F.Hsieh, L.K.Ling & Sheng Z.Yang
Eurya nitida var. siamensis (Craib) H.Keng
Eurya palauensis Hosok.
Eurya ponapensis Hosok.
Eurya rapensis F.Br.
Eurya roxburghii Wall. [Invalid]
Eurya salicifolia Choisy [Illegitimate]
Eurya systyla Miq. ex Dyer
Eurya virens Blume
Eurya wightiana Wall. [Invalid]
Eurya zollingeri Choisy

Understorey tree up to 11 m tall and 16 cm dbh. Stipules absent. Leaves alternate, simple, penni-veined, glabrous to hairy, margin toothed. Flowers ca. 5 mm diameter, white-yellow, placed in leaf axils. Fruits ca. 4 mm diameter, blue-purple, berries.

In rather heavily disturbed regrowth and open sites in mixed dipterocarp and keranga forests up to 900 m altitude. Often on alluvial sites and near or along rivers and streams, on sandy soils.

India and Southern China to Java and Borneo (throughout the island).