Flickingeria bancana (J.J.Sm.) A.D.Hawkes, Orquidea (Rio de Janeiro) 27: 302 (1965)

Name meaning 'from Bangka', an island between Borneo and Sumatra.

Dendrobium bancanum J.J.Sm.
Dendrobium schlechterianum J.J.Sm.
Dendrobium trilamellatum Schltr. [Illegitimate]
Desmotrichum bancanum (J.J.Sm.) Kraenzl.
Ephemerantha trilamellata P.F.Hunt & Summerh.

A miniature to small sized, hot to cool growing epiphyte with ovate-lanceolate, elliptic in cross-section, shiny yellow green pseudobulbs carrying a single, apical, erect, ovate-lanceolate, obtusely bilobed, shiney above, duller and pale beneath leaf that blooms in the spring on a abaxial, through a bright orange bract and carries a single flower.

Growing in hill forests and lower montane forests at elevations up to 1900 meters.


From India and Himalayas into Indochina, Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo.

Local names