Gomphia serrata (Gaertn.) Kanis, Taxon 16 (1967)

Latin for 'with saw tooths', referring to the leaf margin.

Campylocerum neriifolium (Bartell.) Tiegh.
Campylocerum zolingeri Tiegh.
Campylospermum abbreviatum Tiegh.
Campylospermum beccarianum (Bartell.) Tiegh.
Campylospermum borneense (Bartell.) Tiegh.
Campylospermum cumingii Tiegh.
Campylospermum kingii Tiegh.
Campylospermum leschenaultii Tiegh.
Campylospermum malabaricum (DC.) Tiegh.
Campylospermum nodosum Tiegh.
Campylospermum perakense Tiegh.
Campylospermum plicatum Tiegh.
Campylospermum retinerve Tiegh.
Campylospermum rheedii Tiegh.
Campylospermum serratum (Gaertn.) Bittrich & M.C.E.Amaral
Campylospermum strictum Tiegh.
Campylospermum sumatranum (Jack) Tiegh.
Campylospermum thwaitesii Tiegh.
Campylospermum vahlianum Tiegh.
Campylospermum walkeri Tiegh.
Campylospermum wallichianum Tiegh.
Campylospermum zeylanicum (Lam.) Tiegh.
Euthemis elegantissima Wall.
Euthemis pulcherrima Wall. [Invalid]
Gomphia angustifolia Vahl
Gomphia ceylanica Spreng.
Gomphia malabarica DC.
Gomphia microphylla Ridl.
Gomphia oblongifolia Ridl.
Gomphia sumatrana Jack
Gomphia zeylanica (Lam.) DC.
Meesia serrata Gaertn.
Ochna angustifolia (Vahl) O.K.
Ochna crocea Griff.
Ochna sumatrana (Jack) O.K.
Ochna zeylanica Lam.
Ouratea angustifolia (Vahl) Baill. ex Laness
Ouratea arcta Craib
Ouratea beccariana Bartell.
Ouratea borneensis Bartell.
Ouratea crocea (Griff.) Burk.
Ouratea megacarpa Ridl.
Ouratea microphylla (Ridl.) Craib
Ouratea neriifolia Bartell.
Ouratea serrata (Gaertn.) N. Robson
Ouratea sumatrana (Jack) Gilg
Ouratea sumatrana var. nervosa Craib
Walkera serrata (Gaertn.) Willd.
Walkera zeylonensis DC.

Understorey tree up to 15 m tall and 45 cm dbh. Stipules small and united. Leaves alternate, simple, penni-veined, with secondary venation placed close together, venation inconspicuous, glabrous, leaf margin finely serrate or entire. Flowers ca. 9 mm diameter, yellowish, placed in thyrses, sometimes appearing racemose. Fruits ca. 7 mm diameter, red-purple, consisting of several individual fleshy drupes connected to the flower base.

Usually in secondary vegetations or open places in mixed dipterocarp, keranga, swamp and sub-montane forests up to 1200 m altitude. On alluvial sites near rivers and streams as well as on hillsides and ridges. Usually on poor sandy soils, but also on clay and limestone.

The wood makes good charcoal and is also used in house building. The bitter roots and leaves are used against stomach complaints. The twigs are used against toothache.

From Sri Lanka, India and southern China to the Philippines and Celebes. In Borneo collected throughout the island.

Local names
Borneo: Aam, Alas, Amir burgang, Antimagas gimbaan, Bakan bitanag, Batu-batu, Biobi, Cenaga lampong, Guintalay, Keladang, Kelutak, Kolambang, Majang-majang, Malatangor, Melindingan, Mulak, Ondogong, Penaga lampong, Pinis, Posoon, Quintalai, Tampalanuk, Tengkejing kering, Tulangkara.