Syzygium caudatilimbum (Merr.) Merr. & Perry, Mem. Amer. Ac. 18 (1939)

Latin for 'tailed blade', referring to the leaf blade tip.

Eugenia caudatilimba Merr.
Eugenia verticilligera Ridl.
Syzygium verticilligerum Masamune

Sub-canopy tree up to 30 m tall and 65 cm dbh. Stipules absent. Leaves opposite, simple, penni-veined with marginal vein, venation barely visible, glabrous. Flowers ca. 14 mm diameter, white-yellow, protruding stamens, flowers placed in panicles. Fruits ca. 8 mm diameter, green-purplish, fleshy berries.

Canopy or subcanopy tree, 30 m tall, 65 cm diameter, with smooth brown bark and red-brown thin inner bark. Twigs round, at first minutely purplish scurfy hairy (lens). Twig 2-3 mm diameter apically, round, slender, dark red-brown, peeling in curled somewhat scurfy pink-brown strips at nodes. Leaf blade c.12 x 7 (5-17 x 1.5-8) cm but variable, ovate to lanceolate, thickly leathery, drying dull red-brown above, golden-brown beneath, with sharply prominent midrib beneath; margin inrolled, base wedge-shaped to rounded tapering into c.6 mm long short stalk, acumen c.1 cm long, broad; obscure small pits above, more or less faintly black dotted beneath; veins just visible above, obscure beneath, unequal, main pairs c.8, not furrowed, ascending; tertiaries obscure; intramarginal vein somewhat within margin, looped. Flowers in dense terminal and axillary clusters on 1 cm slender singly branched reduced panicles; bud 8 x 4 mm, somewhat clove-shaped with indidstinct receptacle, receptacle tapering into stout tapering pseudostalk twice its length; sepal lobes 4, c.2 x 3 mm, rounded, thick with narrowly hyaline margins, 2 outer enclosing inner, falling as the fruit ripens; stamens many. Fruit 12 mm diameter, spherical, smooth or sometimes shallowly ribbed, crowned with 2 mm diam. repand raised rim of subpersistent sepal lobes. [from Tree Flora of Sabah and Sarawak]

Abundant tree of lowland kerangas and mixed dipterocarp forest on yellow sandy soils, including on ultramafic substrates, especially on leached humic soils on rocky narrow ridges up to 2100 m on G. Kinabalu, up to 1700 m elsewhere; occasional in mixed peat swamp forest in the lower Rejang and Saribas.


Local names
Borneo: Jambu-jambu, Obah, Parumpung, Ubah, War.