Sandoricum beccarianum Baill., Adansonia 11 (1874)

Named after O. Beccari [1843-1920], an Italian botanist.

Sandoricum emarginatum Hiern

Upper-canopy tree up to 42 m tall and 75 cm dbh. Stipules absent. Leaves alternate, compound, leaflets penni-veined, glabrous. Flowers ca. 8 mm diameter, white, placed in panicles. Fruits ca. 15 mm diameter, pink-red-orange-brown, drupes.

In undisturbed (coastal) peat- and mixed-swamp forests up to 100 m altitude. In secondary forests usually present as a pre-disturbance remnant.

Wood locally used for construction purposes. The fruit is edible.

Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo (throughout the island).

Local names
Borneo: Apau, Apu-apu, Dual mersh, Gapas, Gapas-gapas, Kapas-kapas, Kelampu, Kelampu apau, Klampu paya, Papung, Ubah apau.