Chisocheton macranthus (Merr.) Airy Shaw, Hooker's Icon. Pl. 34: t. 3333 (1937)

Latin for 'long or large flowered'.

Clemensia macrantha Merr.
Dysoxylum dehiscens Elmer ex Merr. [Invalid]

Tree. Stipules absent. Leaves alternate, compound, petiole base strongly swollen, leaf apex continues to grow indeterminately, resulting in very long leaves, leaflets penni-veined, rhather long and with many secondary veins. Inflorescences very long, hanging down. Fruits bright orange-red capsules, with pointed tip and ridges along the sides.

Tree to 13 m; bole to 22 cm diam., buttressed. Branching fastigiate, often with several limbs from near base. Bark smooth. Leafy twigs to 5 cm diam., blackish, with large scutellar cicatrices. Leaves to 220 cm long, pseudogemmulate, crowded in dense terminal spirals; petiole 5-20 cm, woody, dark-coloured, glabresccnt to sparsely hairy. Leaflets in up to 16 pairs, sometimes +/- alternate at base or rachis, 20-45(-55) by (5-)8-12(-15) cm, oblong lanceolate or ovate when smaller, weakly bullate, glabrous adaxially, +/- puberulous abaxially, base obtuse to subacute, apex acute to acuminate, costae c. 15-24 on each side, tertiary venation scalariform; petiolules to 8 mm. Inflorescence to 220 cm long, pendent; axis terete to weakly angled, weakly branched; branches crowded towards apex, pilose, with up to 12 flowers each; bracts c. 6 mm long, pubescent, caducous; pedicels c. 10 mm long, articulated with pseudopedicel. Calyx 14-20 mm long and across, cupular to cylindrical, pubescent, red-brown, margin truncate to irregularly 3- or 4-lobed. Petals 6-10, 30-45 by 4-7(-12) mm, creamy pink. Staminal tube 25-40 by 6-7 mm, creamy white, glabrous without except on the lobes, pilose within at base, margin entire or with lobes 4-6 mm long; anthers 16-30, c. 5 mm long, rather recurved, connective somewhat pubescent. Disk flattened to weakly annular, glabrous. Ovary c. 5 mm diam., 5- or 6-locular, pilose; style pilose in proximal half or glabrous; stylehead c. 2 mm diam., capitate. Infructescence borne in axils of last flush of leaves; axis to 3 m with terminal bunches of up to 60 fruits. Capsule to 12 cm diam., recurved, rostrate when immature, bright vermilion tomentose with irritant deciduous hairs. Seeds 2.5-3.3 cm long, triangular in cross section; aril reddish, covering inner edges of black testa. [from Flora Malesiana]

In forests, including on limestone, up to 400 m elevation. Can flower and fruit from rather small sized trees.

Borneo, Philippines.

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