Stachyphrynium repens (Korn.) Suksathan & Borchs., Taxon 54: 1086 (2005)

Latin for 'creeping', referring to the vegetative reproduction via rhizomes.

Phrynium jagorianum K.Koch
Phrynium minus K.Schum.
Phrynium repens Korn.
Stachyphrynium jagorianum (K.Koch) K.Schum.
Stachyphrynium minus (K.Schum.) K.Schum.
Stachyphrynium thorelii Gagnep.

Rhizomes creeping. Only species in the genus with variegated leaves. Inflorescences borne terminally on leafless shoots arising directly from rhizomes, spikelike, ellipsoid or spindle-shaped to subcylindric, usually laterally compressed; bracts distichous, usually herbaceous. Flower pairs 1--5 per bract. Sepals less than 1/2 as long as corolla tube, usually much shorter, membranous. Corolla proximally solid, distally hollow; lobes 3, oblong, subequal. Outer staminodes 2, obovate; callose staminode wholly callose, not petaloid at apex. Ovary often 2-loculed by abortion. Style cylindric, curved after tripping; stigma enlarged, blunted. Fruit ellipsoid, dehiscent. Seeds usually 2; aril reflexed, 2-lobed. [Flora of China]

Forest understoreys, sometimes forming a dense layer covering the whole forest floor.


Indochina to Indonesia.

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