Magnolia liliifera (L.) Baillon, Hist. Pl. 1 (1868)

Latin for 'lily-like', referring to the flowers.

Aromadendron oreadum (Diels) Kaneh. & Hatus.
Blumia candolii (Blume) Nees
Champaca turbinata Nor.
Liriodendron liliiferum L.
Magnolia andamanica (King) D.C.S.Raju & M.P.Nayar
Magnolia andamanica King [Invalid]
Magnolia angatensis Blanco
Magnolia betongensis (Craib) H.Keng.
Magnolia candolii (Blume) H.Keng.
Magnolia craibiana Dandy
Magnolia eriostepta var. poilanei Dandy ex Humbert [Invalid]
Magnolia forbesii King
Magnolia fragrans Reinw. ex Blume
Magnolia kunstleri King
Magnolia mutabilis (Blume) H.J.Chowdhery & P.Daniel
Magnolia odoratissima Reinw. ex Blume
Magnolia pachyphylla Dandy
Magnolia poilanei (Dandy ex Humbert) Callaway [Invalid]
Magnolia pulgarensis Dandy
Magnolia pumila Andrews
Magnolia rumphii Spreng.
Magnolia splendens Reinw. ex Blume
Magnolia thamnodes Dandy
Manglietia candolii (Blume) Wall.
Manglietia celebica Miq.
Manglietia sebassa King
Manglietia thamnodes (Dandy) Gagnep.
Sampacca montana Rumph.
Talauma andamanica King
Talauma angatensis (Blanco) Vidal
Talauma athliantha Dandy
Talauma beccarii Ridl.
Talauma betongensis Craib
Talauma borneensis Merr.
Talauma candolii Blume
Talauma candolii var. latifolia Blume
Talauma celebica Koord.
Talauma forbesii King
Talauma gitingensis Elmer
Talauma gitingensis var. glabra Dandy
Talauma gitingensis var. rotundata Dandy
Talauma gracilior Dandy
Talauma grandiflora Merr.
Talauma inflata P.Parment
Talauma javanica P.Parment
Talauma kunstleri King
Talauma kuteinensis Agostini
Talauma levissima Dandy
Talauma liliifera (L.) O.Kuntze
Talauma longifolia (Blume) Ridl.
Talauma luzoniensis Warb. ex Perkins
Talauma macrophylla Blume ex Miq.
Talauma miqueliana Dandy
Talauma mutabilis Blume
Talauma mutabilis var. acuminata Blume
Talauma mutabilis var. acuminatissima Teijsm. & Binn.
Talauma mutabilis var. brevifolia Teijsm. & Binn.
Talauma mutabilis var. latifolia Teijsm. & Binn.
Talauma mutabilis var. leiocarpa Teijsm. & Binn.
Talauma mutabilis var. longifolia Blume
Talauma mutabilis var. splendens Blume
Talauma nhatrangensis Dandy
Talauma oblanceolata Ridl.
Talauma oblongata Merr.
Talauma obovata Korth.
Talauma oreadum Diels
Talauma peninsularis Dandy
Talauma pulgarensis Elmer
Talauma pumila Blume
Talauma reticulata Merr.
Talauma rubra Miq.
Talauma rumphii Blume
Talauma sclerophylla Dandy
Talauma sebassa Miq.
Talauma singapurensis Ridl.
Talauma soembensis Dandy
Talauma sumatrana Agostini
Talauma thamnodes (Dandy) Tiep
Talauma undulatifolia Agostini
Talauma villariana Rolfe

Mid-canopy tree up to 33 m tall and 45 cm dbh. Stipules leaving ring scar around the twigs when dropped. Leaves alternate, simple, penni-veined, tertiary venation conspicuous reticulate, glabrous. Flowers ca.46 mm diameter, white-yellowish, placed solitary. Fruits ca. 96 mm long, green-yellow-red, syncarps. Seeds with pink-red-orange aril, remain attached to central fruit axis when ripe.

In undisturbed mixed dipterocarp to sub-montane forests up to 2000 m altitude. Usually on hillsides and ridges. On sand to clay soils, but also on limestone. In secondary forests usually present as a pre-disturbance remnant tree.

Wood is used for general construction purposes.

Thailand and Indo-China to New Guinea. In Borneo found throughout the island.

Local names
Borneo: Cempaca, Cempaca telur, Megar, Tala umah, Talauma, Talahuma.