Indorouchera griffithiana (Planch.) Hallier f., Meded. Herb. Leid. No. 35, 50 (1918)

Named after W. Griffith [1810-1845], British physician who did a lot of botanical collections in Afganistan and Mallaca.

Roucheria griffithiana Planch.

Liana that uses hooks to climb. Leaves alternate, with slightly toothed margins, penni-veined, shiny. Flowers in small bundles in leaf axils, whitish in colour.

Often in open places, like recent swidden areas and secondary forests. On quite variable soils, but often found in swampy places.

Stem and roots are used against stomache ache, constipation and malaria. In case of root, it is boiled and the infusion, about 150 ml 3 times daily is taken for 3 days. Juice of plant, about 6 tsp. 3 times daily is taken for 3 days. Bark used to make a poison (racun ipoh), but also as a medicin against rheumatism. Remove bark, heat it, pound it thoroughly, and apply directly to rheumatic areas for relief. Leaves and flowers are used against head ache.

India to Borneo.

Local names
Dusun: Akau Kabul; Malaysia/Indonesia: Akar Ipoh Putih, Akar Biji Mata Keli.