Litsea ferruginea Blume, Bijdr. (1826)

Latin for 'rusty red'.

Actinodaphne blumii Nees
Cryptocarya ferruginea Blume
Cylicodaphne ferruginea Blume
Cylicodaphne leefeana F.Muell.
Lepidadenia ferruginea Miq.
Malapoenna ferruginea Kuntze
Tetranthera blumii Nees

Understorey tree up to 19 m tall and 59 cm dbh. Stipules absent. Leaves (sub)-opposite, simple, penni-veined, hairy below, whitish below. Flowers ca. 7 mm diameter, white-yellow, placed in axillary bundles. Fruits ca. 20 mm long, red-blue-purple, drupes placed on more or less enlarged flower base.

In undisturbed to slightly disturbed mixed dipterocarp to sub-montane forests up to 1300 m altitude. Usually along rivers, but also on hillsides and ridges. On poor sandy soils, also on ultramafic. In secondary forests usually present as a pre-disturbance remnant tree.

Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Borneo (Sarawak, Sabah, East-Kalimantan), Celebes, Moluccas, Australia.

Local names
Borneo: Medang.