Desmodium velutinum (Willd.) DC., Prodr. 2 (1825)

Latin for 'velvety', referring to the hairiness of the plant.

Anarthrosyne cordata Klotzsch
Desmodium lasiocarpum (P.Beauv.) DC.
Desmodium latifolium (Roxb. ex Ker-Gawler) DC.
Desmodium latifolium var. virgatum Miq.
Desmodium longibracteatum Schindl.
Desmodium velutinum var. longibracteatum (Schindl.) van Meeuwen
Desmodium virgatum (Miq.) Zoll. & Mor.
Hedysarum deltoides Poir.
Hedysarum deltoideum Schum. & Thonn.
Hedysarum deltoideum DC.
Hedysarum lasiocarpum P.Beauv.
Hedysarum latifolium Roxb.
Hedysarum velutinum Willd.
Pseudarthria cordata (Klotzsch) C.Mueller
Pseudarthria cordata (Klotzsch) Müll. Hal.

Shrub up to 3 m tall. Leaves alternate, simple, penni-veined, hairy. Flowers ca. 8 mm long, purple, placed in long racemes. Fruits ca. 11 mm long, yellow, beaded pods.

In open vegetation types.

Pan-tropical. Originally from tropical Africa and Asia.