Desmodium heterocarpon (L.) DC., Prodromus 2 (1825)

Latin for 'with differing fruits'.

Desmodium buergeri Miq.
Desmodium buergeri var. patulepilosum Ohwi
Desmodium heterocarpon var. buergeri (Miq.) Hosok.
Desmodium heterocarpon var. patulepilosum (Ohwi) Ohwi
Desmodium heterocarpum (L.) DC. [Spelling variant]
Desmodium heterophyllum var. buergeri (Miq.) Hosok.
Desmodium ovalifolium (Prain) Wallich ex Ridley
Desmodium polycarpum sensu R.O.Williams
Desmodium polycarpum (Poir.) DC.
Hedysarum heterocarpon L.
Hedysarum polycarpum Poir.
Hedysarum siliquosum Burm.f.
Meibomia heterocarpa (L.) Kuntze

A perennial (3-5 year) sub-shrub, sometimes a shrub or herb, ascending or often creeping with a woody rootstock. Stems and branches up to 1 m long, diffuse and ascending or erect, although prostrate under heavy grazing. Adventitious rooting sometimes occurs from stems lying on the soil surface. Stems range from nearly glabrous to densely covered with white or yellowish hairs. Leaves are generally trifoliate, though unifoliate leaves are common on seedlings and not unusual toward the base of mature stems. Leaflets smooth on the upper surface and hairy underneath, often with a light green to almost yellow watermark on the upper surface. Terminal leaflet normally broadly elliptic, ovate or obovate, with tips generally retuse. Inflorescence composed of densely flowered, terminal and axillary racemes; flowers pink. Pods erect or ascending, narrowly oblong, compressed and generally 4-8-jointed, turning from green to dark brown on maturity. Articles quadrangular to semi-elliptic, straight along the upper suture, somewhat rounded below, separating and then dehiscing. Seeds almost quadrate, cream to orange in colour, 2 x 1.5 mm. 700-800 seeds/g. [from]

Usually on open places, along roads. On well-drained soils of light texture, at low elevations.

Pantropical and also subtropical in Old World: Africa, Asia, Melasia, China, Taiwan Japan, Australia and Pacific.

Used against fainting and convulsion. Decoction of the plant is considered tonic and used in coughs.

Local names
Cambodia: Baay dam nnaep.
English: Carpon desmodium.
Indonesia/Malaysia: Akar entimor, Buntut meyong sisir, Kacang kayu betina, Kaci, Rumput kerbau derapah.
Philippines: Huyo-huyop, Mangkit-parang, Mani-mani.
Thailand: Khonthi din.
Vietnam: Trang qua di qua.