Dendrolobium umbellatum (L.) Benth., Pl. Jungh. (1852)

Latin for 'with umbells', referring to the inflorescences.

Aeschinomene arborea Blanco
Dendrolobium australe (Willd.) Benth.
Dendrolobium umbellatum var. majus Miq.
Dendrolobium umbellatum var. obtusissimus Blume ex Miq.
Desmodium australe (Willd.) DC.
Desmodium cumingianum (Benth.) Benth.
Desmodium umbellatum (L.) DC.
Desmodium umbellatum var. costatum Craib
Hedysarum arboreum Roxb.
Hedysarum australe Willd.
Hedysarum ellipticum Miq.
Hedysarum umbellatum L.
Meibomia umbellata (L.) Kuntze
Ormocarpum umbellatum (L.) Desv.

Understorey tree up to 13 m tall and 13 cm dbh. Stipules present. Leaves alternate, tri-foliate compound, leaflets with small petiolules, penni-veined, hairy below. Flowers ca. 10 mm long, white, placed in umbells. Fruits ca. 30 mm long, green-yellow-brown, beaded, slightly curved pods.

In coastal, mostly beach, vegetation up to 100 m altitude. On sandy to rocky soils.

Pan-tropical. In Borneo collected in Sarawak, Brunei, Sabah, West- and East-Kalimantan.