Craspedolobium unijugum (Gagnep.) Z. Wei & Pedley, Fl. China 10: 189 (2010)

Species name meaning 'grouped together', possibly referring to the tri-foliolate leaves.

Callerya unijuga (Gagnep.) H. Sun
Millettia unijuga Gagnepain

Shrubs to lianas, scandent. Stems dark brown, pithy, ridged, appressed puberulent when young, glabrescent when mature, with dense brown lenticels. Leaves 3-foliolate; stipels acicular; leaflet blades obovate to broadly elliptic, 5-9 x 3-6 cm, both surfaces appressed puberulent but abaxially especially dense on veins, adaxially sometimes glabrescent, base broadly cuneate to rounded and asymmetric on lateral ones, apex obtuse and cuspidate. Pseudoracemes usually congested near apex of branchlets, 15-25 cm; flowering branchlet nodes with 3-5 fascicled flowers. Pedicels, calyces, and bracteoles yellow sericeous. Corolla red, 0.9-1.1 cm, glabrous. Legume linear, 6-9 x ca. 1.2 cm, flat, papery, brown tomentose, base rounded, apex acute and shortly beaked; abaxial suture narrowly winged, continuous within. Seeds 3-5(-7) per legume, reniform. [from Flora of China]

Sparse woodlands in moist soil, along trails; up to 2000 m elevation.


Southern China, Burma, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.

Local names
China: Ba dou teng.