Callerya nieuwenhuisii (J.J.Sm.) Schot., Blumea 39(12): 26 (1994)

Named after A.W. Nieuwenhuis [1864-????], a Dutch explorer that undertook two expeditions across Borneo, from Pontianak in the west to Samarinda in the East (1896/97 and 1898/1900). At that time a formidable achievement as the whole island was still covered in dense tropical forest and local tribes that were skilled in head hunting.

Adinobotrys myrianthus Dunn
Adinobotrys nieuwenhuisii (J.J.Sm.) Dunn
Millettia cuspidata Ridl.
Millettia nieuwenhuisii J.J.Sm.
Whitfordiodendron myrianthum (Dunn) Merr.
Whitfordiodendron nieuwenhuisii (J.J.Sm.) Merr.

Liana. Leaves alternate, compound with three leaflets per leaf. Flowering on the stem which can be quite thick (several centimeters across). Usually flowering abundantly with panicles flowers developing from bottom to top. Flowers bilateral symetric, pinkish-reddish-purple with yellow stripe on top petal.

In closed forest up to 1600 m elevation.

No idea.


Local names
Indonesia: Akar Belum, Akar Kelalai, Bingol, Blungka, Rendan Belum.