Archidendron borneense (Benth.) Nielsen, Opera Bot. 76 (1984)

Latin for 'from Borneo'.

Abarema borneense (Benth.) Kosterm.
Feuilleea borneense (Benth.) O.Kuntze
Pithecellobium borneense Benth.

Shrub or small tree to 12 m high, 24 cm in diameter. Sometimes with small, narrow buttresses or stiltroots to 60 cm high. Bark smooth, grey or chocolate-brown, flaky, mottled with small, raised lenticels; inner bark pale red; sapwood brown to white. Branchlets terete or c. angled by ridges decurrent from the leaf-scars, scarcely puberulous by patent hairs, glabrescent. Leaves: rachis (3-)6- 10.5(-12) cm, puberulous, gland strongly raised, circular and concave, rarely linear-oblong with a central depression, c. 2-4 mm long; pinnae 1 or 2 pairs, 2-13 cm, puberulous; petiolules 2-5 mm, puberulous; leaflets (1-)2-5 pairs per pinna, opposite, coriaceous, drying grey-green to dark brown, equal-sided to very unequal-sided, usually obliquely ovate, obovate, broadly elliptic, or subtrapezoid (-lanceolate) 5-18 by 2.5-10 cm, base broadly cuneate to rounded, apex acuminate(-caudate), upper surface subglabrous with puberulous main vein, lower surface subglabrous with a few scattered hairs on the major veins and margins only; principal lateral veins 7-14(-20) per leaflet-half, parallel, oblique, straight; reticulation prominulous or prominent on both surfaces. Inflorescences terminal and axillary at the distal leaves, puberulous, consisting of pedunculate umbels aggregated into panicles to c. 40 by 50 cm; umbels consisting of c. 4-7 flowers, pedicels to 4 mm; floral bracts ovate elliptic, acute, c. 0.6 mm, puberulous to sericeous. Flowers pentamerous, bisexual. Calyx greenish yellow, cup-shaped, 1-2 mm, appressed puberulous or sericeous; teeth deltoid, to 0.2 mm. Corolla cream, funnel-shaped, 5-7 mm, appressed puberulous or sericeous; lobes ovate to ovate-elliptic acute, 2-3 mm, sometimes reflexed. Stamens cream, to c. 20 mm, tube equalling the corolla tube or shorter. Ovary solitary, densely puberulous. Pod reddish to orange both outside and within, curved into a circle before dehiscence, densely spirally contorted after dehiscence, chartaceous-coriaceous, c. 3.5 cm in diameter, valves c. 1 cm wide, slightly sinuate between the seeds, glabrous or subglabrous, veins inconspicuous, dehiscence first along the ventral suture. Seeds black, ellipsoid, compressed, c. 9 by 7 by 4 mm. [from Flora Malesiana]

Lowland freshwater swamp, peat-swamp forest, heath forest, a few records from low mossy forest on sandstone ridges and peaks; altitude 0-1020 m.

Sumatra and Borneo.

Local names
Borneo: Jiring paya, Kodingkang, Petai belalang, Tambarayung.