Mallotus tiliifolius (Blume) Müll.Arg., Linnaea 34: 190 (1865)

Name meaning 'leaves like a Tilia', a plant genus in the Malvaceae family.

Adelia papillaris Blanco
Croton acuminatus Lam.
Croton aromaticus Miq. [Illegitimate]
Croton enantiophyllus K.Schum.
Croton ovatus Noronha [Invalid]
Halecus litorea Rumph.
Kurkas acuminatum (Lam.) Raf.
Mallotus palauensis Hosok.
Mallotus papillaris (Blanco) Merr.
Mallotus playfairii Hemsl.
Mallotus ponapensis Hosok.
Oxydectes miqueliana Kuntze
Rottlera acuminata (Lam.) A.Juss.
Rottlera blumei Decne. [Illegitimate]
Rottlera tiliifolia Blume

Shrub to small tree up to ca. 8 m tall and 10 cm dbh, reproductive from 2 m tall and 2 cm dbh. Twigs solid, densely hairy (short, creamish-coloured, simple, tufted and stellate hairs). Stipules triangular, early-caducous, erect, ca. 0.5 mm long by 0.5 mm wide. Petioles densely hairy, petioles of opposite leaves differing in length, short petioles up to ca. 3 cm long, long petioles up to ca. 9 cm long. Leaves opposite, opposite leaves differing in size only, ovate, rarely slightly peltate, 11-20 cm long by 7.5-17.5 cm wide, length/width-ratio 1.11-1.47; secondary veins 6-9, ending in the margin or not (looping); leaf base cordate to broadly rounded, peltate margin length (when present) 0.1-0.2 cm; leaf margin with glands, sometimes slightly serrate; leaf upper surface glabrous to hairy, with 2-8 basal nectary glands on basal veins and lamina, apical nectary glands present to absent; leaf lower surface hairy, glaucous, densely gland dotted. Staminate inflorescences not branched; flowers clustered per bracteole; bracteoles with entire margin. Pistillate inflorescences not branched; fruits 10-14 mm wide, 3-locular, with few short spines.

Primary forest, understorey of evergreen to deciduous forest, coastal or disturbed riparian vegetations; on edges of mangroves, swampy areas, sandy areas behind the beach, along forest margins, trails, steep valley slopes, lake and sea shores, the end of tidal marsh; in wet terrains. Altitude: sea level up to 350 m.

From southern China to Indonesia and the western Pacific and Australia.


Local Names
Brunei: Tapian batu.
Java: Djasilin, Ring rin, Waru lot.
Malaysia/Sabah: Tuka tuak laut.
Moluccas: War-war.
New Guinea: Maimeireh (Gabobora); Idirur (Onjob).
Philippines: Anamú saláurid, Gapas gapas. Sulawesi: Lendé.