Mallotus rufidulus (Miq.) Müll.Arg., Prodr. 15(2): 970 (1866)

Name meaning 'reddish'.

Mallotus moritzianus Müll.Arg.
Mallotus moritzianus Müll.Arg. var. scaber Müll.Arg.
Mallotus zollingeri Müll.Arg.
Rottlera moritziana (Müll.Arg.) Scheff.
Rottlera rufidula Miq.
Rottlera zollingeri (Müll.Arg.) Scheff.

Shrubs to small trees up to ca. 10 m tall and 13 cm dbh, reproductive from 1 m tall and 1 cm dbh. Twigs solid, hairy (short simple, tufted and stellate hairs). Stipules narrowly triangular, usually early-caducous, erect, 2.5-8 mm long by 0.5-1.5 mm wide. Petioles densely hairy, petioles of opposite leave pairs differing in length, large petioles up to ca. 9 cm long, petiole of opposite small leaf up to ca. 4.5 cm long. Leaves opposite, one of each pair smaller but similar in shape; large leaves elliptic, 13-31 cm long by 6-18 cm wide, length/width-ratio 1.6-2.6; secondary veins 4-8, not ending in the margin (looping to fading); leaf base obtuse, sometimes cordate; leaf margin without glands; leaf upper surface hairy, especially on veins, with 2-many nectary glands on leaf lamina near leaf margin, usually along the whole leaf margin, sometimes also covering the central parts of the lamina; leaf lower surface hairy, sometimes sandpaper-like, numerously gland dotted, rarely with hair tuft domatia in secondary vein axils. Staminate inflorescences not branched; flowers clustered per bracteole; bracteoles with entire margin. Pistillate inflorescences not branched; fruits 15-18 mm wide, 3-locular, with many short to long, curly spines.

Riverine forest; on limestone. Altitude 30–750 m. A relatively shade tolerant species found on slightly disturbed sites in the forest understorey.

Sumatra, Java, Lesser Sunda Islands, Borneo and New Guinea.


Local Names
Java: Kaijae tekeh, Waru rot.
Lesser Sunda Islands: Tjempa, Pampa.
Sumatra: Kalikih utan.