Cheilosa montana Blume, Bijdr. (1825)

Latin for 'from the mountains'.

Baliospermum analayanum Hook.f. ex B.D.Jacks.
Baliospermum malayanum Hook.f.
Cheilosa homaliifolia Merr.
Cheilosa homaliifolia var. grandifolia Merr.
Cheilosa malayana Corner ex Airy Shaw
Cheilosa montana var. longifolia S.Moore,
Scortechinia malayana Ridl.

Mid-canopy tree up to 35 m tall and 47 cm dbh. Stipules ca. 1 mm long. Leaves alternate, simple, penni-veined, glabrous, long petioles, leaf margin often toothed. Flowers ca. 3 mm in diameter, greenish, placed in branched racemes. Fruits ca. 37 mm long, greenish-yellow, dehiscent capsules, seeds with red arils.

In undisturbed mixed dipterocarp to sub-montane forests up to 1200 m altitude. Mostly on hillsides and ridges, but also common along rivers and streams. On rocky, sandy to clay soils. In secondary forests usually present as a pre-disturbance remnant tree.

The timber is locally used. The fruits are edible.

Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Borneo (Sarawak, Brunei, Sabah, West-, Central- and East-Kalimantan) , Philippines.

Local names in Borneo
Gurak gatuk, Kapajang hutan, Ketapi danau.