Elaeocarpus submonoceras Miq., Fl. Ind. Bat. Suppl.

Latin for 'similar to Elaeocarpus monoceras'.

Elaeocarpus longifolius var. fusiformis Corner

Sub-canopy tree up to 22 m tall. Stipules dropped early. Leaves alternate, simple, penni-veined, with domatia in axils of secondary veins. Flowers ca. 8 mm in diameter, white, with fimbriate margins, placed in racemes. Fruits ca. 31 mm long, green, fleshy drupes.

In undisturbed mixed dipterocarp, freshwater swamp and sub-montane forests up to 1700 m altitude. Mostly on alluvial places such as swamps and riversides, but also on hillsides and ridges. On clay to rocky soils. In secondary forests usually present as a pre-disturbance remnant tree.

Sumatra, Java, Lesser Sunda Islands, Borneo (Sarawak, Brunei, Sabah, West-, Central- and East-Kalimantan).

Local names
Borneo: Buah tamang, Pensi, Tiwangan.