Elaeocarpus ferrugineus (Jacq.) Steud., Nomencl. Bot. ed. 2, 1: 545 (1840)

Name meaning 'rust brown', reffering to the plants indument.

Elaeocarpus borneensis Knuth
Elaeocarpus jackianus Wall. ex King [Illegitimate]
Elaeocarpus jackii F.Muell. [Illegitimate]

This species is identified by the velvety red-brown twigs and especially the young leaves which are thickly velvety and reddish-brown. The leaves are medium to large, margin entire, tipped and with 8-11 pairs of side veins. Leaf stalks are long and with a knee near the base of the leaf. Can be confused with a Baccaurea when vegetative! [from Flora Singapura]

Tree with all young vegetative parts covered in dense, rusty brown hairs. Stipules present, but only near the tip of the twig. Leaves alternate, with long petioles and swollen petiole tip, leaves rounded-elliptic with 8-11 pairs of clearly visible secondary veins. Flowers in racemes, white, with fimbriate petals. Fruit not seen but probably a blue-black drupe.

It is quite common in secondary forest and may be found in areas where there is an opening in the surrounding tree crowns admitting light.


Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo.

Local names
English: Rusty oil fruit.