Elaeocarpus clementis Merr., J. Str. Br. Roy. As. Soc. 77 (1917)

Named after J. Clemens [1862-?], an American clergyman who collected plants in Asia.

Elaeocarpus clemensiae Knuth.
Elaeocarpus clementis var. chrysocerica Airy Shaw

Sub-canopy trees up to 30 m tall and 36 cm dbh. Stipules dropped early. Leaves alternate, simple, penni-veined, glabrous or hairy below, long petioles, margin toothed. Flower ca. 9 mm in diameter, white-yellow, petals margins entire, placed in racemes. Fruit ca. 16 mm long, green, fleshy drupe.

In undisturbed mixed dipterocarp, keranga, and sub-montane forests up to 1200 m altitude. Mostly on hillsides and ridges with poor sandy soils. In secondary forests usually present as a pre-disturbance remnant tree.

Borneo (Sarawak, Brunei, Sabah, West-, Central-, South- and East-Kalimantan).

Local names
Borneo: Kolibobok kasazan, Kusep manok, Pensi, Peredu.