Shorea johorensis Foxw., Mal. For. Rec. 10 (1932)

Named after a Malaysian province where the species occurs.

Shorea leptoclados Sym.

Emergent tree up to 58 m tall and 127 cm dbh. Stem with resin. Stipules up to ca. 3.5 mm long. Leaves alternate, simple, penni-veined, rather long petiole, glabrous. Flowers ca. 16 mm in diameter, white-yellow, placed in panicles. Fruits ca. 14 mm long, green-pink-red, with three ca. 90 mm long wings, wind dispersed.

Large buttressed tree. Twig, panicle, leaf bud, stipule, petiole, nersation beneath and midrib above shortly evenly persistently grey-buff pubescent; young leaf caducously so. Twig 2-3 mm diameter apically, much branched, slightly ribbed and compressed when young, becoming terete, drying glabrous, smooth; stipule scars 1.5-2 mm long, pale, falcate, descending. Bud 6-8 by 2-3 mm, ovoid, compressed. Stipule to 3.5 by 0.7 mm, +/- caducous, lanceolate, acute, constricted at base. Leaves 9-14 by 4.2-7.5 cm, chartaceous to thinly coriaceous, ovate; base obtuse to subcordate; acumen to 7 mm long; nerves 10-12 slender but prominent pairs, at 90 degree at base, c. 40-50 degrees towards apex; first 3-6 pairs usually with prominent scale-like domatia, the basal two pairs of which fused along the midrib on each side; tertiary nerves very slender, densely scalariform. sinuate, diagonal to nerves; petiole slender, 1.5-2 cm long. Panicle to 15 cm long, terminal or axillary, terete or slightly compressed, slender; regularly singly or doubly branched, branchlets long, lax, bearing to 18 secund flowers; bracts to 7 mm long, narrowly ovate, obtuse, pubescent on both surfaces, fugaceous. Flower bud to 8 by 3.5 mm, ovoid to lanceolate, acute. Calyx densely pale grey pubescent outside, glabrous within; lobes subequal. acute, slightly revolute towards the apices. Petals pale yellow, narrowly lanceolate, obtuse, densely pubescent on parts exposed in bud. Stamens 15, the 5 innermost only slightly longest; filaments expanded at base, abruptly narrowing and filiform distally; anthers oblong, somewhat tapering; appendage to connective c. 3 times length of anther, reaching 0.7 length of style, glabrous. Ovary globose, shortly densely pubescent in apical half, stylopodium indistinct; style over twice as long as ovary, filiform, glabrous but for base. Fruit calyx shortly pubescent towards base, glabrescent: 3 longer lobes to 12 by 2.3 cm, subequal, spatulate, narrowly obtuse, c. 6 mm broad above the to 1.4 by 1.2 cm deltoid saccate thickened base; 2 shorter lobes to 6.5 by 0.6 cm, unequal, linear but similar at base. Nut to 2 by 1.4 cm, broadly ovoid, densely shortly pale buff tomentose; style remnant short. [from Flora Malesiana]

In undisturbed mixed dipterocarp forests up to 600 m altitude. Usually found on riversides with clayey to sandy fertile and well drained soils.

The timber is used.

Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo.

Local names
Borneo: Kenbewar, Kenuar, Longko, Majau, Merampu, Meranti merah, Meranti tanduk, Palapak, Selangan pelandok, Seraya majau.
Malaysia: Meranti pepijat.
Sumatra: Merukuyong.