Shorea coriacea Burck, Ann. Jard. Bot. Btzg. 6 (1887)

Latin for 'leathery', referring to the leaves.

Upper canopy tree up to 44 m tall and 92 cm dbh. Stem with resin. Stipules up to ca. 20 mm long. Leaves alternate, simple, penni-veined, long petioled, leathery, glabrous leaves. Flowers ca. 12 mm in diameter, yellow-pink, placed in panicles. Fruits ca. 18 mm long, green-red, with three ca. 90 mm long wings, wind dispersed.

Large buttressed tree with dark brown, fissured, flaky bark. Young parts densely clothed in minute adpressed pale grey hairs, caducous on all but panicle, stipule outside and bud. Twig 2-3 mm at apex, stout, terete or slightly compressed, smooth or rugulose; stipule scars at first c. 1 mm wide, c. 1.5 mm long, cuneate, pale brown, horizontal or slightly descending. Bud to 6 by 3 mm, ovoid. Stipule to 20 by 5 mm, narrowly oblong, acute. Leaves 10-15 by 5-8 cm, ovate, coriaceous, lustrous; base obtuse, subpeltate; acumen c. 1 cm long; margin revolute; nerves 16-20 pairs, slender, hardly raised beneath, at 60-70, curved towards margin; tertiary nerves slender, densely scalariform; midrib prominent beneath, obscure and slightly depressed above; petiole 2.5-4 cm long, geniculate, glabrous. Panicle to 14 cm long, terminal or axillary, +/- terete; singly (doubly if terminal) branched, branchlets regular, short, bearing to 10 secund flowers; bracteoles to 4 by 2.5 mm, ovate, subacute, sparsely pubescent outside, glabrescent within. Flower bud to 6 by 1.2 mm, narrowly lanceolate, acute. Calyx densely pale grey pubescent outside, glabrous within; 3 outer lobes narrowly deltoid, subacute, slightly revolute; 2 inner lobes smaller, acute, not revolute. Petals pink, linear, densely pubescent on parts exposed in bud. Stamens 15, of 2 lengths, the inner 5 an anther's length longer; anther subglobose; appendage to connective 2-3 times as long as anther, slender, not reflexed, reaching almost to style apex. Ovary ovoid, densely shortly pubescent except at the base; style filiform, as long as ovary, glabrous but for the setose base; stylopodium indistinct. Fruit calyx shortly sparsely pubescent or glabrescent except towards base; 3 longer lobes to 9 by 1.5 cm, spatulate; chartaceous, narrowly obtuse, 2-4 mm broad above the c. 8 by 5 mm deltoid thickened saccate base; 2 shorter lobes to 3.5 cm long, subequal, linear, similar at base. Nut c. 18 by 9 mm, ovoid, shortly grey pubescent distally; style remnant c. 3 mm long, slender, acute. [from Flora Malesiana]

In undisturbed mixed dipterocarp, sub-montane and keranga forests up to 1300 m altitude. Usually on poor sandy soils, ultrabasic soils or on limestone.

Timber is used.


Local names
Borneo: Damar benua, Lampong mengkabang, Meranti, Meranti jurai, Meranti tangkai panjang, Samar benua, Seraya.