Alangium javanicum (Blume) Wangerin, Pfl. Fam. 4 (1910)

(Latin for 'of Java')

Alangium bogoriense Wangerin
Alangium borneense Merr.
Alangium ebenaceum (Clarke) Harms
Alangium ebenaceum var. tutela (Ridl.) Kochummen
Alangium meyeri Merr.
Alangium mezianum Wangerin
Alangium sessiflorum Merr.
Alangium tutela Ridl.
Marlea ebenacea Clarke
Marlea javanica (Blume) Koord. & Valeton
Styrax javanicum Blume

Mid-canopy tree up to 35 m tall and 41 cm dbh. Stipules absent. Leaves alternate, simple, penni-veined. Flowers ca. 20 mm diameter, yellow-white coloured, placed in small panicles. Fruits ca. 20 mm long, dark red (edible) pulpy drupe.

Undisturbed mixed dipterocarp forest up to 1830 m altitude, but usually below 500 m. In secondary forests usually present as pre-disturbance remnants.

Thailand, Andaman Islands, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Philippines, Celebes, Moluccas, New Guinea and Australia.

Local names
Borneo: Jadam; Kondolon; Lajik; Midong; Ridan; Satu inchi.