Siphonodon celastrineus Griff. Calcutta J. Nat. Hist. iv. 247 (1844)

Named based on the similarity with the genus Celastrus.

Siphonodon pyriformis Merr.
Xanthophyllum subglobosum Elmer

Large canopy tree (15-30 m high); Bole markedly fluted (30-50 cm diam.); crooked or straight (bole 15-25 m long); buttresses present (rarely buttresses up to 1.5 m high) or absent. Leaves spaced along branches, spiral (leaves occurring singly at a node and arranged spirally up the branchlet), simple (a leaf composed of a single blade); petiole present, not winged, attached to base of leaf blade, not swollen; leaves broadest at or near middle or rarely broadest below middle, (4.0-) 9.0-11.0 (-23.0) cm, (3.5-) 5.0-6.0 (-9.0) cm; symmetric, serrate to dentate (toothed), not dissected or lobed, sub acute, venation pinnate, secondary veins open, not prominent, but visible, intramarginal veins absent; leaves lower surface pale green or green, upper surface dull green, indumentum (hairs) absent; absent; domatia absent; stipules absent. Inflorescence axillary, flowers arising from a single point, cones absent; flowers unisexual, unisexual with male and female flowers on the same plant, stalked, flowers with many planes of symmetry, 3.0 (c.) mm long, diameter small (up to10 mm diam.) (3-5 mm diam.); perianth present, with distinct sepals and petals whorls, inner perianth white; 5, free; stamens 5, present, free of each other, free of the perianth; ovary superior, carpels joined (when more than one), locules 5; styles solitary, 1. Infrutescence arising from single point, fruit 25.0-40.0 (-60.0) mm long, 20.0-60.0 mm diam., yellow when mature or yellowish green, not spiny, non-fleshy, simple, indehiscent, berry; seeds 100, barely visible (to 1 mm long), not winged, narrow (longer than wide), seed less than 1 mm diam. [description taken from PNGTrees:]

In forests up to 1200 m elevation.

Minor hardwood with tradename: Ivorywood.

From India to Indochina, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia to Papua New Guinea.

Local names
Danoklot kepu.