Trema tomentosa (Roxb.) Hara, Fl. E. Himal. 2 (1971)

Latin for 'short woolly hairy'.

Celtis tomentosa Roxb.
Sponia amboinensis (Willd.) Decne
Sponia blancoi Planch.
Sponia griffithii Planch.
Sponia imbricata (Blume) Planch.
Sponia tomentosa (Roxb.) Planch.
Sponia velutina Planch.
Trema amboinensis (Willd.) Blume
Trema blancoi (Planch.) Blume
Trema dielsiana Hand.-Mazz.
Trema dunniana H. LÚv.
Trema griffithii (Planch.) Blume
Trema imbricata Blume
Trema orientalis var. amboinensis (Willd.) Kurz
Trema velutina (Planch.) Blume

Understorey tree up to 11 m tall and 13 cm dbh. Stipules ca. 4 mm long. Leaves alternate, simple, tripli-veined, hairy, base cordate and asymmetrical, margin toothed. Flowers ca. 2 mm diameter, white, placed in small panicles. Fruits ca. 2 mm diameter, blue-purple, drupes.

In heavily disturbed regrowth forests, scrub, keranga and coastal forests up to 500 m altitude. Often along rivers and streams and on hillsides with poor ultrabasic to sandy soils.

Used medicinally for bathing at childbirth. Bark used to make rope.

Tropical East Africa, Madagascar, Pakistan, India, southern China to New Guinea, Australia and the Pacific. In Borneo collected throughout the island.

Local names
Borneo: Anjalakat, Balik anging, Bangerai, Bangkirai, Bintanong, Butu, Calundung, Damai, Engkirai, Entiman, Kerenenog, Landagong, Lenduhung, Lundagong, Marong, Murieng, Nasi-nasi, Ondogon, Randagong, Salimuak, Tikam, Tuku baroh.