Begonia stenogyna Sands, Checkl. Fl. Pl. Gymnosperms Brunei Darussalam (M.J.E. Coode et al.) 432 (1996)

Latin for 'small female parts'.

Shruby herb up to 1.5 m tall. Leaves with strongly unequal base, leaf surface with white-pink dots, lower surface slightly reddish. Flowers white-pinkish tepals with yellow stamens (female tepals greenish), placed on top of elongate, triangulate capsular fruit filled with many small seeds.

This was only the second known plant (pictured), so the ecology remains unclear. This specimen was found on a rocky ridge in secondary forest in West Kalimantan.

Two specimens known. One from Brunei and the second from West Kalimantan. Probably occurring across Borneo.