Cosmos bipinnatus Cav., Icones et Descriptiones Plantarum 1 (1791)

(Latin for 'twice divided', referring to the leaves)

Bidens bipinnata Baill. [Illegitimate]
Bidens formosa (Bonato) Sch.Bip.
Bidens lindleyi Sch.Bip. [Illegitimate]
Coreopsis formosa Bonato
Coreopsis formosa Bonato ex Pritz.
Cosmea bipinnata Willd.
Cosmea tenuifolia Lindl. ex Heynh.
Cosmea tenuifolia (Lindl.) J.W.Loudon
Cosmos bipinnatus var. albiflorus Sprenger
Cosmos bipinnatus var. exaristatus DC.
Cosmos formosa Bonato
Cosmos hybridus Auct.
Cosmos spectabilis Auct.
Cosmos tenuifolia Lindl.
Georgia bipinnata (Cav.) Spreng.

Annual herb to ca. 2 m tall. Its foliage is finely-cut into threadlike segments. When flowering, the plant can become top heavy. This problem is alleviated when grown in groups, as the bi-pinnate leaves interlock, and the colony supports itself. Flowers white, pink, orange and yellow.

A drought tolerant plant that grows on sandy, open places in full sun.

Native to Mexico and southwestern USA, but now widely spread around the world from temperate to tropical climates.

Ornamental but poisenous when ingested.

Local names
English: Garden Cosmos, Mexican Aster.