Dyera costulata (Miq.) Hook.f., J. Linn. Soc. 19 (1882)

(Latin for 'with conspicious veins')

Alstonia costulata Miq.
Alstonia eximia Miq.
Alstonia grandifolia Miq.
Dyera laxiflora Hook.f.

Emergent tree up to 75 m tall and 159 cm dbh. Stem with copious whit latex. Stipules absent. Leaves in whorls, simple, penni-veined. Flowers ca. 3.5 mm in diameter, white, with corolla tube, placed in whorls. Fruits ca. 320 mm long, brown, dry, dehiscent follicles, placed in pairs, exposing wind dispersed laminar seeds when open.

In undisturbed forests up to 400 m altitude. Usually on hillsides and ridges on clayey to sandy soils. In secondaru forests usually present as a pre-disturbance remnant.

The latex is used to make chewing gum, while the wood is used for furniture, boarding, matches, etc.

Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo (Sarawak, Brunei, Sabah, West-, Central- and East-Kalimantan).

Local names
Borneo: Jelutong, Pantung.