Popowia hirta Miq., Ann. Mus. Bot. Lugd. Bat. 2 (1865)

(Latin for 'with long stiff hairs')

Understorey tree up to 19 m tall and 22 cm dbh. Stipules absent. Leaves alternate, simple, penni-veined, hairy on lower surface. Flowers with ca. 3 mm long petals, pale yellow, fragrant, placed on twigs. Fruitlets ca. 16 mm long, red-purple, placed in apocarp, fruitlets fleshy, 1-seeded.

In undisturbed forests up to 760 m altitude. Sometimes found on limestone. Usually on hillsides and ridges. Quite often found in secondary forests, usually as a pre-disturbance remnant.

Wood used to make darts for the blow pipe.

Sumatra and Borneo (Brunei, Sabah, West- and East-Kalimantan).

Local names
Borneo: Balet.