Anaxagorea javanica Blume, Fl. Javae Anon. 66 (1830)

(Latin for 'from Java')

Anaxagorea scortechinii King.
Fissistigma fuscum (Craib) RE Fr.
Melodorum fuscum Craib
Uvaria clavata Walp.

Shrub or small tree 4-6 m. high. Leaves thinly coriaceous, elliptic or elliptic-oblong, apex acute or acuminate, base slightly acute, glabrous, width 4-10 cm., length 10-26 cm., petiole length 5-22 mm. Flower(s) 1-4, terminal and extraaxillary, fragrant; pedicels 1 cm; sepals 3, oblong, glabrous, petals 3, elliptic, glabrous; apex acute, width 12-14 mm., length 14-16 mm., inner apex acute, greenish outside, white inside. Fruits follicle, gradually narrowed into a stalk; carpels 4-8 clavate. Seed(s) 2, black, shining.

In forest understorey.

Southeast Asia, from Thailand and Taiwan to Borneo.

Flowers for heart tonic, whole plants mixed with Desmos chinensis Lour. whole plants in bath for rehabilitation of drug addicts.

Local names
English: Twin seed.
Indonesia: Akar angin, Atis, Bunga pompun, Champun, Champun betong, Larak lecek.
Thailand: Kekapur, Kingchong.