Campnosperma squamatum Ridl., Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew 1933: 197 (1933)

Species name meaning 'with scales' which refers to the scale-hairs on the leaf

Campnosperma minor Corner

Tree with buttresses. Leaves spirally crowded at twig tips, short petiole without pseuso-stipules, but base of leaf narrowing and ending abrubtly cordate. Flowers and fruits in panicles at twig tips in leaf axils. Fruit a small mango shaped drupe that apparently remains green (with white dots).

Tree up to 30 m high and 60 cm diameter. Buttresses occasionally present, narrow, up to 1 m high, rarely stilt roots present. Bark white to greybrown, smooth or shallowly fissured and/or papery flaky. Leaves oblanceolate to spathulate, or elliptic, 6-30(-61) by 2-8(-11) cm, up to by 14 cm on sapling; glabrous, exceptionally pubescent on the lower surface; base decurrent towards near the insertion and ending abruptly (forming amplexicaul auricles on sapling leaves); apex obtuse, sometimes emarginate, very rarely acute or shortly acuminate; nerves 8-21 pairs, veins reticulate or reticulate-scalariform, distinct on both surfaces; petiole very short, less than 1cm. Panicles 4-29 cm long, scantly branched, bracnches up to 5 cm, sometimes with rather simple, short branches and seemingly racemose; bracts triangular, c. 0.7 mm long; pedicels c. 0.3 mm. Flowers light yellow or yellowish green. Calyx lobes triangular, up to 0.7 mm long. Petals ovate, 1.3-2 by 1-1.5 mm. Stamens 0.7-2 mm; staminodes in female shorter and smaller. Disk 1-1.7 mm diameter. Ovary subglobose, c. 1 mm diameter. Drupe subglobose, 12-17 by 10-15 mm, green speckled white (? never red) or dark green; septum hollow. [from Flora Malesiana]

In lowland peat swamps, fresh water swamps, kerangas to mixed dipterocarp forests up to 1200 m elevation.


Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo.

Local names
Borneo: Kayu mansan, Terentang, Terentang putih.
Malaysia: Terentang, Terentang bukit, Terentang daun kechil.