Campnosperma coriaceum (Jack) Hall.f. ex Steen., Fl. Mal. Bull. 3 (1948)

Species name meaning 'leathery', referring to the leaves

Buchanania macrophylla Bl.
Buchanania racemiflora Miq.
Campnosperma griffithii March
Campnosperma macrophylla Hook.f.
Coelopyrum coriaceum Jack
Semecarpus grandifolia Wall.

Tree with buttresses. Leaves spirally crowded at twig tips, long petiole without pseuso-stipules, leaf base narrowing quickly, leaves usually hairy below. Flowers and fruits in panicles at twig tips in leaf axils. Fruit a small mango shaped drupe that turns black when ripe.

Tree(let) up to 40 m high and 90 cm diameter, but usually smaller; occasionally with buttresses up to 1.75 m high, 0.75 m wide, 5 cm thick; when growing in swamps often with prop-roots at the base as well as with slender-kneed loop roots or pneumatophores to over 1 m high. Bark grey, ochre, brown, or light red to almost (purplish) black, (smooth or) vertically cracked or closely to distantly fissured, rarely scaly. Leaves elliptic, elliptic-oblong, rarely obovate-oblong, 5.5-40 by 2.5-19cm; densely pubescent, sometimes glabrescent beneath, glabrous above; base acute to cuneate; apex obtuse, sometimes emarginate; nerves 10-36 pairs, veins reticulate-scalariform, distinct or sometimes rather faint beneath, faint or obscure above; petiole distinct, 2-8 cm. Panicles up to 35 cm long, profusely branched, branches up to 10 cm, sometimes with rather simple, scant, short branches and seemingly racemose; bracts triangular, 1-2.5 mm long; pedicels very short or obscure. Flowers greenish yellow or yellow. Calyx lobes slightly triangular, 0.75-l mm long. Petals broadly ovate or ovate, c. 1.75 by l-l.5 mm. Stamens l-l.5 mm; staminodes in female shorter and smaller. Disk 0.75-l.3 mm diameter. Ovary subglobose, c. 0.75 mm diameter. Drupe ovoid, 12-18 by 8-16.5 mm, black when ripe; septum hollow. [from Flora Malesiana]

Dominant in freshwater (peat-, sago-)swamps to scattered or rare in mixed primary forest on well-drained soils, sometimes in secondary forest, from the lowland up to 500(-1000) m elevation.

Timber is used for house construction. Tigaso oil for this species which is "traded extensively throughout the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea to the north as a body oil for 'sing-sing' decoration.

Peninsular Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo and New Guinea.

Local names
Indonesia: Terentang paya; Terenteng.