Avicennia alba Blume, Bijdr. 14 (1826)

Latin for 'white', referring to the lower leaf surface.

Avicennia spicata Kuntze

Sub-canopy tree up to 27 m tall and 75 cm dbh, with pneumatophore roots. Stipules absent. Leaves opposite, simple, penni-veined, glabrous to hairy, whitish below. Flowers ca. 6 mm diameter, yellow-orange, placed in racemes. Fruits ca. 23 mm long, green-whitish, pointed drupes.

Along the coast in mangroves and along tidal rivers, but also on sandy beaches and in swamps up to 50 m altitude.

Wood for smoking fish.

From western India to New Guinea, the Solomon islands and northern Australia. In Borneo found along coastal regions throughout the island.

Local names
Indonesia: Api-api, Api-api hitam, Api-api putih.